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0123Putlockers is an online streaming media used to watch and download movies online for free. Putlocker is listed as one of the top 250 most visited websites in the world.

This website was blocked by the High Court in the year 2016. It is because it does not support piracy law. 0123Putlocker’s domain address has changed several times.

There is a high search volume of Putlocker because there are more than 8 lakh visitors per day at present. Cyberlocker is the type of file that it hosts.

What is 0123Putlockers?


0123Putlockers website is maintained by a large team so that it can provide the required content to all the users. Putlocker.com was originated in the United States (US). 

Putlocker has a large fan base because they never fail to provide content to its users. After 2012, this website was visited by millions of visitors per day. Then it was soon blocked by the orders of the High Court.

0123Putlockers Unblock

0123Putlocker is unblocked at present. It is working as “.kz”. Be safe to use this website because it does not support piracy law.

This address was changed several times as per the government instructions. Therefore, it is always crucial to hide your IP address.

Putlocker is a streaming platform where you can watch your desired movies at any time you want. You can watch and download movies in your leisure hours.

Putlocker – Watch and Download Movies

01234putlockers download movies

To download movies from putlocker website, you have to visit its official site. Then type the movies that you want to download.

Click the search button to download your favorite movies. Then click the quality type. You may choose HD or 480p as you wish.

The original site of putlocker.com was changed several times to Putlocker.tv, Putlocker.fm, Putlockertv.ist, and many more.

Putlocker Websites Do Not Support Piracy

Putlocker website does not support piracy at all. It is because all torrent sites are illegal. They do not piracy laws at all. 

They are considered to be illegal as per the government guidelines. If you are caught downloading or watch movies from this site then you can face critical circumstances. 

Therefore, if you still want to watch movies from this site then you have to set your connection as a VPN. This will hide your IP address and will prevent you from the circle of crimes.

But I will not recommend you to download movies or any series from Putlocker tv. It is always better to be on the safer side. 

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Putlocker Alternatives

Here are the popular alternatives to 0123Putlockers where you can watch and download any kind of movies and tv shows online for free.

  • NetFlix:

NetFlix is one of the best entertainment apps that you can find. You will get all types of movies, series, tv shows, and many more on this app.  

In addition, they will provide you original content in HD quality. This is the reason why NetFlix is regarded as the best alternative for Putlocker. You just have to pay a small amount of charge to use it.

  • Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video is the best alternative for 0123Putlockers. This app is available for all devices to download in various qualities. 

It has gained huge popularity for many years. This site is popular all over the world. This site too offers original content like NetFlix. You can watch your desired movie anytime you want.

  • IMDB Movies And TV:

IMDB is the most popular site to download movies and TV shows. This site is great for movie lovers. 

At present, only US members can access this site. This is not available for other countries. United States members let you watch full-length movies online for free.

  • Flixster:

Flixster is one of the most popular entertainment sites to download and watch movies online for free. This site is one of the best alternatives for 0123Putlocker.

Flixster is the online streaming site where you can download any web series. The downloading features of this site are very excellent. 

Sites Similar Like 0123Putlockers

Here are some of the sites similar to 13377x that you must know:


What can be amazing than watching your favorite movie with your partner in the cold winter night! 0123Pulocker is a popular streaming site to watch any kind of movie you wish.

Though all torrent sites are considered to be illegal, still people are visiting this site and watching movies. As I have already said above that always be on a safer side. 

Here you go! I have tried my best to provide all the information in detail. Feel free to ask any queries.


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