The Best Action Camera Flashlight For Your Professional Photography

action camera flashlight

An action camera flashlight is necessary if you have trouble getting clear photos at night.

Due mostly to their small lenses and sensors, even the greatest action cameras are known for having poor low-light image quality.

Actions cameras don’t have flash, unlike the majority of DSLRs. But you’re really seeking a steady source of light.

We advise mounting a properly made LED flashlight to your camera so that you can capture clear video footage indoors or as the sun begins to set.

Best Action Camera Flashlights

To attach a flashlight to your action camera, you might need to buy an extra case or “media mod,” but they help protect the camera. Other action camera flashlights have “fingers” for cold shoe attachment, so you may use them with all of your preferred mounts.

So, let’s take a look at the best action camera flashlights of 2022:

1: Suptig Action Camera Flashlight

This is the action camera flashlight you need if you want one that works well underwater. According to tests, the Suptig flashlight is waterproof up to 45 meters underwater.


The dimensions and weight of this action camera flashlight are 2.95′′ x 1.65′′ x 2.75′′ and 2.88 ounces. It is illuminated at a 60-degree angle and includes 36 LEDs.

Your photographs or video will have a balanced, natural tone thanks to the light’s color temperature, which ranges from 5500K to 6000K.


Using a micro USB cord, you may refuel your action camera flashlight. However, the battery is detachable, so if you need a longer energy life, you can also bring some more external batteries. It has three different brightness settings; the brightest (HI) is 500 lumens.

The battery life in this mode is around 1.5 hours, but you may utilize the power saving mode (LOW), which has a longer battery life of up to 4 hours. 


The SOS mode has the greatest battery life, lasting up to 6 hours. It works with GoPro hero models three and above, XiaoYi XJCAM, Yi Action, and other manufacturers. A 24-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee are included with your purchase.

2: GoPro Light Mod

When utilizing your GoPro action camera flashlight in low light, it features five distinct light settings, including a strobe for signaling and visibility.


You can dive to a maximum depth of 20 meters with the GoPro Light Mod, another great action camera flashlight (33ft). You may modify the lumens to vary the beam power using the four brightness settings. The levels for the brightest lighting are 20 lumens, 60 lumens, 125 lumens, and 200 lumens.


The battery life varies depending on the setting: at the lowest setting, it may last up to 6 hours, and in overdrive, it can last for 2 hours, an hour, and 30 seconds. A USB Type C cable may be used to charge the built-in battery. Without the diffuser, the light has a CRI of 90 and a color temperature of 5700k.


You may attach it to a GoPro or use it as an action camera flashlight with a Hero 8, 9, and 10 using Media Mod. However, you can also use any GoPro attachment to use it as a standard flashlight. Although you can’t use it on any of the well-liked GoPro alternatives, its tiny shape makes it ideal for daring GoPro users.


For taking pictures or videos in low light, this action camera flashlight is ideal.


It won’t drag down your favorite action camera thanks to its dimensions of 3 inches by 3.5 inches by one inch, and you can even use it in conjunction with an action camera microphone adapter. 


It includes 81 LEDs, of which 40 provide warm light and 41 chilly light. It has a CRI of 95+ and may have a color temperature of 3200k or 5600k, depending on which beads are on. The high mode’s beam power lights a space of 6 meters, while the low mode illuminates just 3 meters. 


Using a USB Type C connector, you can recharge the lithium battery that powers your action camera flashlight.

Longer than the battery in many well-known action cameras, a three-hour full recharge will last 150 minutes at full intensity and 480 minutes at low power.  The angle of the light is 120 degrees. For taking pictures or videos in low light, this action camera flashlight is ideal.

4: Suptig LED

It works with most action cameras, including GoPro, DJI Osmo, AKASO Campark, and others. But you can use it with smartphones, small, mirrorless, DSLR, or SLR cameras in addition to action cams.


2.55 inches by 2.12 inches by 0.59 inches, weight: 1.92 ounces. You receive a worry-free 18-month warranty when you buy this action camera flashlight.


You may pick between 2500k, 5250k, and 8000k for the color temperature when using this action camera flashlight. This makes it ideal for low-light scenarios, nighttime photography, and even macro photography, which requires precise lighting.


The Suptig can be adjusted to several brightness settings. The battery has a maximum runtime of 60 minutes and a minimum runtime of 120 minutes. To extend the battery life, you may connect it to a computer or battery bank so that it can operate continuously on external power.

Keep in mind that this action camera flashlight is not waterproof, unlike the others on this list. Therefore, if you’re seeking a gadget that can submerge, go elsewhere.

The Bottom Line

Even in low light and night photos, you may avoid noise by using an action camera flashlight. Reduce your ISO settings to make use of it. You can set the shutter speed more quickly the more strong your action camera flashlight is. 

Because of this, you can freeze your subject and get excellent pictures. If your action camera flashlight has a detachable battery, prevent running out of power by packing extra batteries or a power bank to replenish the built-in battery. 

To lighten the shadows, equip your action camera flashlight with a diffuser. Make careful you modify the beam strength to make up for it. You can adjust the color temperature on a lot of action camera flashlights. Make sure the white balance is adjusted to the appropriate value.

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