Top 10 Highest Paid Lawyers in USA

Highest Paid Lawyers in USA

Attorneys have some of the highest salaries in the world, with certain nations paying them more than practically any other profession. A huge number of people throughout the world aspire to be lawyers.

In the United States, a lawyer’s specialization may affect their pay or revenue. For attorneys, various specialties have varying remuneration. For instance, business attorneys make a lot more money than medical lawyers. So, here is the list of the top 10 highest paid lawyers in the USA

Top 10 Highest Paid Lawyers In The USA

Please take note that every individual on this list is a professional judge or attorney. There are several additional “lawyers” with far bigger net worths, but they do not really practice law. These highest paid lawyers can assist you in winning any trial, whether it be for fraud or a criminal offense.

1: Richard Scruggs

Whether you like it or not, there’s a good reason Richard Scruggs was dubbed the “King of Torts.” Given his extensive knowledge of tobacco legislation and current net worth of close to $1.7 billion, he has essentially made a name for himself in the competitive legal industry.

So, when you’re searching for a trustworthy attorney, consider Richard Scruggs. He is at the top of the list of the highest paid lawyers in American history and one of the top attorneys around the whole globe.

2: Joe Jamail Jr.

Joe Jamail Jr. is your champion if you want someone who is assertive, forceful, and well-spoken. His strategies at the Supreme Court have given him a hazardous reputation in addition to allowing him to control both the judges’ and the clients’ emotions.

He most certainly deserves to be worth $1.5 billion, and become one of the highest paid lawyers. Not only was Joe Jamail Jr. one of the greatest attorneys in the country, but he was also one of the greatest attorneys in the world at the time.

3: Willie Gary

Never judge a person by their simple appearance or straightforward personality. Willie Gary is well-known not just as a motivational speaker but also as a business and legal expert.

He was born in Georgia and received his law degree from North Carolina Central University. The $100 million guys, who continue to run Martin County’s first-ever black legal office, haven’t looked back since. He ranks 3rd on our list of the highest paid lawyers in the US. 

4: Roy Black

A criminal defense attorney with a reported net worth of $65 million, Roy Black is well-known for representing Rush Limbaugh and William Kennedy Smith in legal proceedings.

He built a name for himself by appearing on reality crime shows and taking on criminal cases around the country. The tenacious attorney, who was born and reared in New York, will stop at nothing to make his case a success, which makes him deserving to be one of the highest paid lawyers in the USA. 

5: Robert Shapiro

Well, even famous people need lawyers, and that’s where Robert Shapiro, a man with a $50 million net worth, comes in. He was born and reared in New Jersey, but ever since he received his legal degree, he has represented well-known people and sportsmen in court.

The athlete O.J. Simpson is one of the cases he is most well-known for taking on. So, you can guess why his name is on the list of the highest paid lawyers.

6: John Branca

John Branca would undoubtedly be listed among the top 10 attorneys in the list if possessing a net worth of $50 million is taken into account. Over the years, his clients have been ecstatic with his expertise in real estate law and entertainment law.

John graduated from UCLA School of Law with a law degree. He is from the thriving state of New York, but when he was 11 years old, he migrated to California.

7: Erin Brockovich

If the name doesn’t immediately conjure up memories, then perhaps her struggle for the planet will. Erin Brockovich, who now has a net worth of $42 million, has been a vocal environmentalist who has taken on organizations to demand that the environment be given the respect it deserves.

Back in 1993, she brought some well-known lawsuits against the Pacific Gas corporation. Additionally, Julia Roberts starred in the major role in the Erin Brockovich movie, which was based on her life.

8: Thomas Mesereau

You must be familiar with Thomas Mesereau if you are aware of Michael Jackson’s stardom. Back in 2005, he represented his well-known client, Mr. Jackson, in a child molestation case. Additionally, he was crucial in the Mike Tyson rape inquiry.

Given that he presently has a net worth of $25 million, his humility and his compassionate principles are understated. If we’re going to bring peace to the world and create a better future, we especially need more guys like Thomas Mesereau.

9: Vernon Jordan

As a civil rights activist, Vernon Jordan started his professional life. He has since committed his life to bringing about social change. The elderly lawyer was raised in Georgia and graduated from Howard University School of Law with a law degree.

He has committed his life to making judgments connected to racial discrimination in Georgia ever since he graduated from college. He has a $12 million net worth as of right now.

10: Ana Quincoces

Ana Quincoces is what you get when you combine beauty with intelligence. The blonde beauty, who has a net worth of $8 million, is not a helpless damsel in need; rather, she is a multi-talented chef, reality TV star, and, of course, one of the highest paid lawyers.

She was born and reared in Miami, and after showcasing her abilities as a defendant in a court of law, she has rapidly used them to improve her life. She currently works as a professional writer and does much more than litigate matters.


Without even mentioning the extensive understanding of statute law and the aptitude for using precedents to influence case outcomes, winning a lawsuit requires a lot of work from the attorney.

In order to secure their assets and construct a tax savings strategy, corporations and huge enterprises in the USA spend astronomical sums on attorneys knowledgeable in tax laws.

Trial attorneys earn more money because their employment demands that they have excellent memories and the capacity to make quick decisions. So, if you’re stuck on a legal problem, contact these highest paid lawyers.

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