Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa

Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa

There is no denying that the development of the jet age and the advent of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other technical forms have affected our environment and continue to do so.

Because it is necessary to advance in your field of work in order to keep up with a rapidly changing global environment, there is an increasing demand for various new opportunities all over the world. Here, we have listed the ten highest paying jobs in South Africa.

Top 10 highest paying jobs in South Africa

Approximately 5 million jobs might be lost by 2022 as a result of demographic and technological developments, according to a World Economic Forum analysis. So, let’s take a look 

1: Management Consultant

By improving performance, management consultants help firms realize their full potential for development. They accomplish this by helping firms find and nurture talent that was previously lacking.

Through creative problem-solving and the identification of fresh, cutting-edge approaches to old challenges, they assist businesses in expanding and developing. Early career professionals with 1-4 years of experience can expect to make an average of 298,000 Rands annually.

Whereas mid-level professionals with 5–9 years of experience can expect to make an average of 554,000 Rands annually, which makes it one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa.

2: Specialist Medical Doctors

In South Africa, specialty medical physicians are in great demand. These are medical specialists who have completed med school and undergone advanced training.

The pay scale for this occupation depends on the area of specialization; for example, neurosurgeons make more money than general practitioners.

The average pay for a neurosurgeon is 730,000 Rands per annum. A neurosurgeon with more than 10 years of experience can make up to 2 million Rands annually. 

3: Architect

An architect is a specialist who plans, creates, and oversees the building of structures. Architects have extensive specialized training since their decisions can have a big influence on public safety.

In South Africa, an architect with 1-4 years of experience makes an average salary of 277,000 Rands annually, while one with more than 5 years of experience makes an average salary of 715,000 Rands.

If you have more experience than 5 years, you may earn an average of 1.2 million Rands per annum. So, if you are looking for the highest paying jobs in South Africa, make sure to be an architect.

4: Cybersecurity Engineer

As the majority of South Africa’s significant businesses have gone digital, the necessity of cybersecurity has increased.

Furthermore, there is a high need for cybersecurity experts nowadays due to the increasing number of hackers in the digital world which has many firms on high alert.

An entry-level cybersecurity engineer typically makes 400,000 Rands per year, with those with 5–9 years of experience earning 503,000 Rands annually. The average yearly salary for a cybersecurity engineer with 10 to 19 years of experience is 646,000 Rands.

5: Actuary

If you have a passion for calculating financial risks and managing business uncertainties, you can take up the job of an actuary. These professionals must analyze difficult financial situations and use quantitative skills to solve financial and commercial problems.

Becoming a professional actuary usually takes up to 9 years. Since actuaries have to be skilled at assessing financial risks and coming up with solutions, strong analytical, liability, and business management backgrounds are necessary for this line of work.

6: Sales Manager

Sales managers are a must for any established firm. They are in charge of a company’s sales expansion and making sure that sales goals are met. Additionally, they oversee sales teams, employing and educating them to generate income for the company.

A sales manager must have a degree in business administration, statistics, or mathematics. For sales managers, several organizations demand a master’s in business administration.

The average annual salary for a sales manager at the entry level with 1-4 years of experience is 155,000 Rands, which makes it one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa.

7: Chartered Accountant

A chartered accountant creates financial statements, reports to management, and records commercial transactions on behalf of an organization. He may have expertise in forensic accounting, taxation, company recovery, corporate finance, and insolvency.

A chartered accountant with minimal experience earns R489K annually, whereas one with moderate experience earns R605,000 annually. An individual with between 10 and 9 years of experience makes, on average, 782,000 Rands annually.

8: Biomedical Engineer

The way people are taken care of for their injuries and illnesses and injuries has been completely revolutionized by modern biomedical engineers.

Due to their tons of experience, they have given birth to some advanced equipment for the medical field, which makes it easier for surgeons to operate in tough situations.

An entry-level biomedical engineer can earn approximately 303,000 Rand annually. The salary is pretty high for experienced biomedical engineers too because their salary package lies somewhere between 420,000 Rands and 734,000 per annum.

9: Pilot

One of the high-paying industries in South Africa is aviation. There is no doubt that anyone other than a pilot who is equally skilled and well-trained cannot perform the job of a pilot.

It is a challenging career path that demands a set number of flying hours to qualify as a pilot for any major airline, and it is also very expensive. In South Africa, a qualified and experienced pilot makes R 695,800 per year.

10: Petroleum Engineers

In the upcoming years, there will be an even greater need for qualified individuals in the engineering field. Innovative and exploratory skills are combined in petroleum engineering, which also calls for extensive education and training.

University courses in petroleum engineering demand a lot of self-discipline and sacrifice in the classroom in order to succeed. Consequently, it is among the highest-paying jobs in South Africa.

A petroleum engineer in South Africa makes R572, 600 a year, and that’s what makes it one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa.


South Africa offers a wide variety of job options. The optimal job for you should, however, be determined by your long-term objectives.

Consider the list of highest paying jobs in South Africa above if you’re looking for advice on picking the greatest career there. You should pick a profession that will enable you to support yourself financially and provide you with the utmost fulfillment.

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