Best Cheaper Insurance Companies

Best Cheaper Insurance Companies

Cheaper insurance companies, make you wonder what you are paying for with your current insurance? Maybe not a lot, but it is worth looking into. You never know when your current company could be charging too much or they have been making mistakes like being dishonest and not paying out on time.

Auto, Home, and Life Insurance Policies: Prices Are Lower:

If you are like most people, you don’t really know how much your insurance premium costs until it’s too late. Most of us don’t stop to think about what we need our policies to cover and whether or not the prices are fair, resulting in overpaying for coverage that we have no reason to have. So forget about the high rates and look for cheap insurance alternatives for your home, auto, and life insurance policies instead.

For home insurance, you can save as much as 30% by comparison shopping online. The average rate in the US for a homeowner’s policy is about $1,000 – so if you can find a less expensive rate, it’s obviously great news.

Also, you may be able to get discounts on your auto policy by finding cheaper companies to work with. Many insurance companies require their agents to get a certain amount of business from them each month in order to receive a commission, and if you find a company that can save you some money they’re often willing to help.

Best Cheaper Insurance Companies

Finally, life insurance is another great place to find cheap coverage and it’s something you can do now if you aren’t already covered. Here are 4 of the best cheaper insurance companies that you should know about:

1. Blue Cross of Idaho

The Idaho Health Insurance Exchange is a private-market exchange created by the Idaho Commissioner of Insurance in 1993. Blue Cross of Idaho is the only health insurance provider available on Idaho’s state insurance exchange for 2014, which means that you’ll have to go through Blue Cross if you want any form of coverage in the Gem State.

The company operates under a “Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association” license, as one of 36 separate Blues companies that represent the national network. Blue Cross of Idaho has received high marks from both Healthgrades and J.D. Power, who ranked it 4th overall on this year’s Health Insurance Plan rating survey.

2. GEICO Auto Insurance

They offer vehicle and property coverage as well as life insurance with low rates. You will get low rates from them if you have safe driving habits and a good credit score. You can probably get money back for your other current policies by lowering your monthly payment or even canceling it together.

3. Farmers Insurance

This one is the biggest of them all with over 12,000 employees. And their “preferred customers” all get discounts for renewing their policies, moving to a new location, or having good credit scores.

Their premiums are also lower than other insurance companies because they have great risk control on their side with fewer insurance claims and fewer accidents every year. This one is also a national company that offers multiple coverage types and policies on a state or nationwide basis.

4. Travelers Insurance Company

This one just started making the list becoming the biggest. They have over 6,000 employees and are a well-known company with branches in all 50 states. They even have offices in Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Once you have a plan that you like from them, they will make sure it stays the same price as long as you pay your dues each year.


Insurance is a huge expense for many people, and since rates are so high one might need to search for cheaper options. Luckily the internet has made it easier than ever to do research and find lower-cost insurance companies. In this blog post, we gave you 5 cheap alternatives to your usual policy providers.

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