Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Most Followed Instagram Accounts

One trick of increasing your followers on Instagram is to follow people on top, most-followed Instagram accounts. If you don’t know what accounts on this social platform have many followers, this post is designed. In this post, I will share details of those celebrities and superstars that get the attention of people all around the globe.

Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Accounts

When it’s quite challenging for us to generate more than 50K followers, they get millions of followers. I know you want your favorite celebrity to appear in this list, so let’s dig into details of the Top 20 Most Followed Instagram accounts.

20. Katy Perry 

She is the music industry’s diva, and if you haven’t heard her memorable songs yet, then you have missed a great deal; Katy Perry has 107 million followers. She used to share her life stories on her account. Fans of Perry don’t want to miss a little update, whether it’s related to her personal or professional life. Therefore they follow her to know what’s happening in her life. It’s no surprise that every big announcement by Katy got millions of like in just one day.

19. Miley Cyrus 

Another singer that remains part of entertainment news due to some controversies and albums is Miley Cyrus. You can see 115 million followers on her Instagram account. Her account’s significant updates are all related to her upcoming music video; she mainly uses her account for promotion. However, sometimes she shares Hannah Montana throwback images. She likes to travel, and her followers can explore her travel stories from this Instagram account.

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18. Nike – 122 million

I don’t think that this brand needs any introduction as we have been using Nike T-shirts and caps since our childhood. It’s a big brand that knows how to keep users engaged. What you like the most about this account is that it lets you explore this brand’s philanthropist side, which beliefs in giving back to society. Their recent support for Black Lives Matter got millions of likes worldwide.

17. Khloe Kardashian – 122 million

The Kardashian Family has captured a large share of social media. These five sisters, alongside their mother, know how to get the attention of people all around the world. Khloe alone got 122 million followers on Instagram. She keeps her account up to date with new posts. Sometimes, you get a chance to explore her selfies when she comes up with a modern look. Other times, you get an insight into her family, especially her daughter. She also uses this account for her brand promotion.

16. Nicki Minaj

Singers always got more followers than other celebrities globally, and the same is right about Nicki Minaj, as she has 123 million followers. Fans of Nicki get updates about her music albums and love her makeup looks and style. She knows how to set fire on stage with her unique style appearance. These days, she is sharing her life updates. If you want to know her better, start following Nicki on Instagram.

15. Jennifer Lopez 

As I told you before, Instagram fans have a special place in their hearts for singers, and when it comes to the best singer, then the name of Jennifer Lopez pops up. Her music isn’t the only beautiful thing about Lopez; another magnet is her fitness and family. She shares regular updates of her family. She is a lovely mother who enjoys quality time with her kids. Women like to know how she keeps her body so fit; thereby, they follow her everywhere she goes. Jennifer got the attention of 132 million followers on Instagram.

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14. Kendall Jenner

Another family member of the Kardashian family is Kendall Jenner, a model who likes to share her behind-the-scene pictures with her followers. She works with many brands, and it’s no surprise that she got 140 million followers on Instagram. If you want to know the latest fashion trends, all you need to do is follow Kendall Jenner.

13. Taylor Swift 

I always like the way Taylor wears red lipstick, which is her signature makeup look. These days, she is promoting her latest album, Folklore. She knows how to get the attention of her fans and keep them engaged. She got 140.7 million followers.

12. Neymar 

People worldwide take good interest in sports, especially in Football, and therefore, you will see three footballers in the list of The Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Accounts. If you like Neymar, you can see his family photos. His Instagram account allows you to look into his professional and personal life. He got around 142 million followers on Instagram.

11. National Geographic – 145 million

You can’t discover geography without watching National Geographic documentaries; this channel was a big hit from its day-one. Every curiosity you have about wildlife or the animal world will be fully satisfied by this channel. On their Instagram account, you will check photographs of different locations of the world. The Instagram account of National Geographic has 145 million followers.

10. Justin Bieber – 148 million

A singer who got name and fame from his childhood is Justin Bieber. His voice is so powerful, and sometimes you feel that what’s ever he is not singing but telling you what you feel deep down. He shares pictures of his family, especially Hailey, and wins his fans’ hearts by sharing some lovely stories and captions about his wife. Besides, Justin uses this account for the promotion of his clothing company. His Instagram account is populated with 148 million followers.

9. Beyoncé

Fans of Beyonce may not like to see her on number ninth of a list of the Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Accounts; however, what you can do but to accept. She appears in the top 10, though with 155 million Instagram followers. She is a lovely singer whose personal life is an open book on Instagram.  Like other celebrities, Beyonce uses this Instagram account to promote her clothing brand, Ivy Park.

8. Lionel Messi

Another footballer who got more than 167 million followers worldwide is Lionel Messi; he earned name and fame from sports and philanthropist activities. If you are a Messi fan, you can explore his family photos and professional life pictures and videos on his Instagram account.

7. Kim Kardashian

I think the list of The Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Accounts is incomplete if we don’t mention Kim Kardashian. She is a well-known reality star who uses this account to promote her brands. People love her sculpture body and always want to know what’s she is up to. Her selfie and family photos are remarkable. Kim Kardashian has won the heart of 190 million followers on Instagram.

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6. Selena Gomez – 194 million

Selena Gomez took a break from social media last year, but now she is back again with 194 million followers. She is one of those singers who care more about society. Selena keeps posting her honest selfies. She likes to travel, and you can explore her family photos as well. She is one of the most popular women.

5. Kylie Jenner 

Among all the Kardashian sisters, Kylie got more followers, i.e.,197 million followers. These days her Instagram account is filled with pictures and videos of her cute daughter Stormi. Women love to buy Kylie Cosmetics which brings an affordable collection. If you want to follow makeup trends, it’s a must to see what Kylie is doing. Kylie went on a luxurious travel trip last year, and she kept updating her followers about every single happening of this trip.

4. The Rock

This WWE Superstar has got 199 million followers. On his Instagram account, you can explore pictures of his kids. He often provides a sneak-peak of his muscular body. Sometimes, he uses this account for the promotion of his movies. He promoted his film Jumanji-3 and got millions of likes from fans.

3. Ariana Grande

Ariana is a mind-blowing singer known not only for her remarkable music albums but also for her fashion and style sense. She has 203 million followers; imagine how much she is earning by promoting products on her account.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo 

The name of this footballer is always on those who are pursuing their career in sports. He is a super charming sportsman with a golden heart- he actively supports many communities and causes. You can explore pictures of his family and professional field on his Instagram account, where he has 239 million followers.

1. Instagram 

You shouldn’t be surprised to see Instagram accounts on the list of The Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Accounts because they know how their system works. Instagram got 370 million followers. Every person who uses Instagram needs to automatically follow their account to get the latest features and other things about this social platform. 

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