Google Gravity – All You Need To Know

google gravity

Want to try something exciting and unique with Google? What is Google gravity? Do you want to try Google gravity?

Well, you have arrived at the right place. If you are searching for full information on this topic then you are in the right place.

You use Google every day but many of you are unaware of something unique. There are magic tricks on Google that actually work.

Best Google Gravity Tips That You Should Try

If you are bored with the homepage of Google then I have something unique for you. Now, not letting you wait any further, Below mentioned are the best google gravity tips that you should know.

1. Google Sphere:

This is one of the amazing Google tricks. With the help of the below steps, you can make a sphere of the elements and revolve those elements around Google Homepage or Google Logo.

First, you need to visit the homepage of Google. Then you have to type Google Sphere in the search box.

Type ‘I am feeling lucky’. Now, with the mouse make all the elements move like a sphere around the logo of google.

2. Google Underwater:

This is the second most amazing part of Google that will amaze you for sure. In this trick, the homepage of Google will be floating on the water and you will be able to produce a wave on the water help of your mouse. 

To do this, you have to visit the Google homepage and type google underwater in the search box. Then, type ‘I am feeling lucky.’

It will redirect you to the google underwater page where all the elements of google are bobbing on the water. Now with the mouse, you can make all the elements move.

3. Google Zero Gravity:

The way you see yourself in the mirror, the same way google also represents itself opposite with the help of google zero gravity.

To use this trick, first, you need to visit the homepage of Google and write google zero gravity. Then you need to click on the ‘I am feeling lucky’.

Then it will redirect you to a page where all the elements are mirror-like displayed. You move the elements with the help of your mouse.

4. Google Anti Gravity:

It is a complex and unique thing that you will find on Google. Here, You will be capable to see that the homepage of google is floating.

With the help of your mouse, you can run every element and the search box too. To perform this, first, you need to visit the Google homepage.

Then, you can type google anti-gravity on the search crate. Type ‘I am feeling lucky’. Now it will redirect you to the homepage of Google where all the elements are bobbing on the space.

5. Google Gravity:

Now, here we come to google gravity. You will notice that every element of google are falling down. To do this, you have to perform the below steps.

First, you need to visit the homepage of Google. Then, type google gravity on the search box. It will redirect you to another page where all the elements are floating.

You will notice that the Google homepage is falling down. You can make it more interesting with the help of your mouse. Isn’t it amazing?

The Final Thoughts

Here you go! I have tried my best to keep on the dishes on a single plate. Whenever you feel bore then you can play the above tricks.

Follow the instructions carefully and utilize your leisure hours any time you want. Sometimes, it is important to have fun and play with google. 

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