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Moz Update 2020 – What is the New Update On 5th August 2020?

Moz gave a new update on 5th August in 2020 after which all sites were affected. Moz provides domain Authority (DA) and Spam Score, and there were massive changes on more than 90% of websites after Moz update 2020. 

Even big sites like Wikipedia were affected. Previously, the domain authority and the spam score of Wikipedia were 98 and 10%, respectively. But after the Moz update on 5th August 2020, the domain authority of Wikipedia is 93, and the spam score is 0 at present.

Note: The domain authority and spam score change from time time.

There are several sites whose spam scores were increased, and domain authority decreased suddenly. On the other hand, various sites gained profit after the update. Why? The reasons are described below. Have a look!

Reasons Why Your Website’s Spam Score is Increased:

why spam score increases

You might be wondering why your site’s spam score is increased suddenly. Right? I have all the answers to your questions.

You might be linking your website to directory sites and now Moz does not prefer these types of sites. It is because many of the directory sites have huge spam scores that are redirected to your site as well and you end up increasing your own spam score. 

Now, what is the second reason for the sudden increase in the spam score? And the answer is, Images! Images! Images! Yes, the copyright images are also one of the reasons for the sudden rise in the spam score. 

We know very well that Freepik and Pixabay offer free images. But do you know thousands of websites use one free image of Pixabay? Yes, it is true and now if your site uses the same image then it is likely to call that image as a ‘Copyright Image’. 

Here comes the third reason for the increase in spam score and i.e., the Copyright Content. The contents that have plagiarism can affect your site by increasing the spam score.

Therefore, these are the main three reasons for the spam scores and you must avoid these mistakes at any cost.

What to do now? Well, no need to worry at all. You can edit all the images before uploading on your site and you can call that image of your own.

And if you don’t want to edit the images then you can give the source link of that particular image to prevent your site from plagiarism.  And the same goes for the content, you can give the reference link of the information that you are coping from other sites.

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Affect on ‘Page Authority’ and ‘Domain Authority’ After Moz 2020 Update 

After the Moz 2020 Update, page authority and domain authority were also affected. You need to understand in detail what exactly Moz prefers.

Keep in mind that not only Google but Moz also prefer Guest Posting. This is regarded as the best way to increase your Domain Authority (DA) as well as Domain Rating (DR).

On the other hand, don’t copy-paste the same description on various sites with your link because it can affect your site in return. Please, be aware of such inbound links!

I will not advise you not to go for directory sites, profile submission, social media bookmarking sites, etc. It is because the inbound links from these sites can harm your site in the long run. So, it is better to be on the safe side always. 

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What To Do Next?

Don’t repeat the guest posting mistakes again and again and concentrate on quality links. As it is said that content is the king of digital marketing and now it’s time to focus on your quality content more.

Instead of linking your sites to the directory, find good guest posting sites and link your website. This is the best way to increase your DA and DR and this Google as well as Moz, prefers.

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