How to Become a Blockchain Developer in the Tech Industry?

How to Become a Blockchain Developer in the Tech Industry?

Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the best professions in the technological field given the statistics of recent years. Research shows that the worldwide market for blockchain technology is expected to increase by over $20 billion by 2025.

Blockchain, on the other hand, is a technology that is transforming how the digital world operates in a more safe and effective way. It is far bigger than Bitcoin. There are several IT behemoths, such as Samsung, IBM, Capgemini, and others, that provide amazing employment prospects for blockchain professionals.

If you want to have a meaningful and prosperous career, you should think about becoming a blockchain developer! Let’s find out how to become a blockchain developer in the tech industry. 

How to become a blockchain developer in the tech industry?

Step 1: Get the right degree:

The first thing on ‘how to become a blockchain developer in the tech industry is that you have a background in computer science or information technology. You can choose to graduate from a certain stream with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Having a certain academic background is not necessary to become a blockchain developer, but it will allow you to grasp the foundations and will provide you with a firm ground for learning all about blockchain technology.

To gain greater exposure to a particular technology, you can choose from a number of suggested training programs in addition to degree programs. Additionally, virtually all major IT companies have prerequisite educational requirements, so having them will open up some amazing employment prospects for you.

Step 2: Learn the right skills:

To become a Blockchain Developer, you must master programming ideas, notably OOPs concepts. Programming languages like Java, C++, Python, etc. are options. Furthermore, in order to begin your career as a blockchain developer, you must have a basic understanding of networking and database principles.

You’ll gain a better understanding of distributed systems’ workings as well as other key ideas for blockchain development. One of the technical skills needed to work as a blockchain developer is cryptography.

If you want to set up the grounds for blockchain development, you must get familiar with a variety of cryptographic techniques, including digital signatures, hash functions, the RSA algorithm, and many more.

Step 3: Know about blockchain fundamentals:

Once you have decided to figure out how to become a blockchain developer in the tech industry, you must now comprehend the basics of blockchain technology. You must be well informed on blockchain technology, including how it functions and what uses it has.

You must be well-versed in the principles of Blockchain architecture and comprehend ideas like distributed ledger technology, hash functions, consensus, etc.

Additionally, you should familiarise yourself with Bitcoin and other important ideas like decentralization, public and private methods, and many more. You may choose from a variety of online and offline resources, including tutorials, journals, training sessions, and training materials.

Step 4: Learn about crytponomics:

Let’s now discuss cryptocurrency with economics, which is a fundamental component of blockchain development. Combining the concepts “cryptography” with “economics” results in the name “cryptonomics.”

It is focused on the process of comprehending the economic theories and operating systems that underlie cryptocurrencies. To complete the Cryptonomics program, you must learn about a number of important concepts, including transaction fees, mining, the lifetime of a Bitcoin transaction, and many more.

Although cryptocurrency only makes up a small portion of the whole blockchain mechanism, you should understand its ways of workings in great depth to comprehend the foundations of blockchain.

Step 5: Learn about DApps and Ethereum:

Here we have Ethereum, one of the key components of Blockchain development. An open-source decentralized blockchain network called Ethereum is used to run smart protocols and to create distributed applications (DApps) and smart contracts without the normal problems like downtime, fraud, third-party intervention, and other things like that.

Decentralized applications, on the other hand, are the software programs created on blockchain platforms like Ethereum and others.

In addition, there are many other well-known platforms for blockchain, such as EOS, Hyperledger, etc., but it is advised that you begin your trip with Ethereum owing to its many functions.

Step 6: Know about smart contracts:

If you want to know how to become a blockchain developer in the tech industry, you must learn about other essential ideas like Smart Contracts. Smart Contracts are concerned with the protocols or instructions used for automation, and this transaction event is free from intervention from other parties.

The three main components of smart contracts are deterministic, terminable, and isolated. Furthermore, JavaScript has had a significant effect on Solidity, a high-level, statically typed language used to create smart contracts.

Vyper, Simplicity, and a number of additional specialized languages are available for creating smart contracts.

Step 7: Try some professional experience out:

You now need to obtain some practical experience in the field of blockchain development. It will enable you to put all of your academic knowledge into practice, increasing your exposure to and competence with the relevant technology and associated tools and platforms.

You can choose to create your own Dapps, build smart contracts, etc. Additionally, you may apply for a variety of internship or training programs, where you will find all the necessary tools and conditions.

Additionally, you may join a number of advised discussion forums like Reddit Forums, Stack Exchange, etc. to interact with Blockchain experts and get some insightful knowledge.

Signing Off

You can choose from a number of pertinent certificates, like the IBM Blockchain Certification and the Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA), after reviewing the aforementioned techniques and skills.

These certificates will not only assist you in analyzing and validating your knowledge and abilities, but they may also open up a number of wonderful employment chances in the relevant field. 

Additionally, there are a number of suggested books that you may want to take into account to make your road toward being a Blockchain Developer easier and more useful. So, if you want to become a good Blockchain developer, you must follow this whole route. 

The road to becoming a blockchain professional is not simple, and it will need a lot of commitment, diligence, and consistency on your part. 

However, given the explosive expansion of blockchain technology, the employment prospects for blockchain developers appear to be quite attractive and promising. Get ready to enter the blockchain development industry and accomplish your professional ambitions!

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