How To Close Apps On Firestick? 

How To Close Apps On Firestick? 

I was not aware of the fact that apps running in the background can make my firestick device slow.

I first encountered this situation when my device started responding so slowly that it was hard to hold my anger in.

But soon I realized that the delay is not due to my bad internet connection or some mechanical fault in my fire stick but rather the problem was a basic one, many apps were unwantedly running in the background.

And then began my journey of closing all the background apps, but it turned out that closing apps on firestick tv are not as easy as closing apps on your smartphone or computer.

There is no red cross button on the top-right corner.

But soon I came to know the solution for this and in this blog, I will be sharing with you “how to close apps on firestick?” 

How to close apps on firestick? 

For closing unwanted apps on your firestick device you first have to install an app named “background apps and process apps” and then you can easily close all background apps.

Given below are the steps to download the app and use it. 

How to install background apps and process apps? 

Here are some easy-to-follow steps to install background apps and process apps. 

Step 1

Go to the search bar present on the left side of the menu bar.

Step 2

Type “background apps and process list” in the search bar.

Step 3

Now a list of apps will appear, choose “background apps and process list” app. 

Step 4

Click on get or download. 

Step 5

Now, wait for the app to download and install. 

Step 6

You will come across the “app ready to launch” message click on launch if you want to use the app right now.

How to turn off background apps on firestick? 

Now that you have downloaded the app you are all set to boost the speed of the firestick device by closing all unwanted background apps. 

Given below are some easy-to-follow steps to close all the background apps using background apps and process list app. 

Step 1

Launch the app and go to the home screen of the app. 

Step 2

Click on close all apps 

Step 3 

Then windows will pop up of all apps asking you for action.

Step 4

Click on force stop. This window will pop up frequently for all individual apps, just continue to click on force close. 

Step 5

When all of the apps are forced closed you will notice that there will be no background app running in the background apps and process list apps. 

Now all your apps are closed and your firestick device will be fast as new. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently googled questions about closing apps on firestick devices. 

1. How do you close background apps on firestick?

For this, you first need to install an app on your device called “background apps and process list”

Then launch the app and start force closing all the apps that are unnecessary running in the background. 

2. How do I make my firestick faster?

To make your fire stick faster try closing all the background apps that are running. 

Parting words

So this was how to close apps on firestick.

Closing apps on firestick will boost the speed of your firestick device and will lead you to a smoother and much faster experience. 

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