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Instagram sure is a fun social media app and this can be very well proved with its wide user base. 

However, due to privacy reasons, Instagram does not allow to download their posts and videos. If you want to download photos and videos from Instagram you need to take help from some third-party apps.

And today I have a similar app in hand, Instasaved.

So what is Instasaved? 

Is it safe to use Instasaved?

If you too have such questions in mind then don’t worry because in this blog I am going to answer all the questions related to Instasave.

What is Instasaved?

If you are looking for a third-party website by which you can download photos and videos directly from Instagram then Instasaved is the website for you.

Instasaved as the name suggests is a tool to save photos and videos from Instagram. According to Instagram’s policy, Instagram does not allow anyone to download posts and videos from Instagram.

However, sometimes it becomes very necessary for an individual to download a particular post or photo from Instagram.

In such a case third-party tools like Instasaved become very handy.

You can download content from public profiles (not private ones) for free.

Is Instasaved safe?

One of the genuine concerns while using a third-party website like Installed is whether the website is safe or not.

Well luckily the website Instasave is safe and there is no harm in using it.

Isnstasaved has millions of users worldwide and all of them seem to enjoy the website very well. 

How to save photos from Instasaved? 

Downloading photos from Instasaved save is very easy just copy the link of the photo and paste it onto the Instasaved’s website. 

This process is valid for all kinds of posts like IGTV, photos, and videos. You can also download the profile photo of a public account. 

Just remember that the account should not be private and you will be good to go. 

Which app is best for Instagram video download?

If you want to download videos from Instagram using an app then the best apps would be 4K Stogram, Fastsave.

And the best website would be Instasaved

Is Instasaved free to use?

Yes, Instasaved is absolutely free to use plus the user interface is so friendly that you would not find any problem while downloading a post from Instagram

Parting words

S this was all about Instasaved.

It sure is a handy tool when it comes to downloading photos and videos from Instagram however, it has a limitation that it cannot download photos and videos from a private account. 

Other than that it is a very useful app.

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