Lighting Tips And Tricks For Upgrading Your Gaming Room

Lighting tips and tricks for upgrading your gaming room

So you are finally thinking of upgrading the lighting system of your gaming room.


Adding lights in a gaming room is a sure-short way to get more aesthetic and that ‘gamer’ feel.

It adds depth to your setup and makes it look like something out of a UFO. 

But adding lights to your gaming room can be a little challenging. But don’t worry, here are some tips and tricks for upgrading your gaming room.

Lighting tips and tricks for upgrading your gaming room

Now, let’s discuss some of the best lighting tips and tricks for upgrading your gaming room. 

i). Set a theme 

The settings theme is very important to upgrade your gaming room. 

You can go with bold red color lights to show the ‘intensity’ and ‘heat.’ You can go with calm white color. 

Whatever theme you like, go with that, and dedicate your entire lighting system to that. 

You can find thousand of gaming room themes on the internet, get some inspiration from them, and then you can build your theme.  

ii). Get a rhythm light bar

What to take your lighting same to a whole other level?

Then add a rhythm bar. This bar reacts to the surrounding sounds! It looks super cool; you can add one at your gaming desk and one or two on your shelf.

They stand out, and if you are a streamer, it will keep your audience astonished. 

iii). Hide those cables

Those nasty cables can spoil the look of your setup. 

The best way to deal with them is to get a cable organizer. A cable organizer can save your setup from those nasty-looking cables by organizing them in a pattern that looks amazing.

Now, who would have thought that cables could look amazing? 

iv). Add smart light

Smart lights provide great value.

They have a lot of lighting shades to choose from; they prevent your gaming room from looking monotonous.

You can add different shades and colors according to your mood or the game you are playing, and you can also change the color according to the tempo of the game. 

v). Don’t overdo with lighting

I know this whole blog is on lighting, but remember that too much lighting can spoil the look of your gaming room.

So do not overdo it; keep it simple, and it will look amazing.

vi). Use projection lights

Another super cool product that you can use to upgrade your gaming room is a projection light.

The super cool projections that this product projects just make your room look ten times better.

If you are a streamer, then this product will add stars to your stream.

vii). Match the lighting with the game

Playing angry bird?

Use red colored LEDs; they will elevate your gaming experience.

What I want to say is matching your LED color with the game you are playing will surely upgrade your overall gaming experience, plus it looks great!

Imagine playing PUBG PC while the color of your gaming room matches PUBG’s current season. 

viii). Strategize your lights

Don’t just throw lights in your gaming room, rather put those lights in well-strategized places.

You can explore Pinterest and google, and you will surely find some ideas, get inspiration and then strategize your lights. 

ix). Illuminate those cabinets

If you are a gamer, then you must have a load of gaming accessories or gaming action figures to show off. 

Do not let them hide in darkness; light up your cabinets and make them pop.

You can add LED lights on the borders of the cabinets, or you can keep those ‘show-offs’ on the top of the cabinet and then surround them with LED.

Whatever you wish to do, don’t leave those cabinets in the dark. 

x). Add lights underneath your desk

Now, this may sound foolish. After all, why add light under the desk?

Well, there is a valid reason for this, adding lights under your desk can add depth to your desk.

Plus, if something falls under the desk, you don’t have to find it blindly. 

xi). Make wall arts using strip lights

This one is a bit difficult to do, but if you can do this, then it can take your gaming room’s aesthetics to a whole other level.

Make arts using strip lights and make your gaming setup look more futuristic. 

A difficult task to pull off but gives high rewards.

xii). Search the web

This one the last tip, 

Go search the web, you will find a lot of products and themes, and you can design your gaming setup around them.

Internet is full of such things, and you can use them to your advantage.

Wrapping Up

So these were some lighting tips and tricks to upgrade your gaming room.

The designs that you can apply to a gaming room are infinity, and some of them look super cool. But choose the one that you can pull off and, most importantly, that you can maintain. 

So, which tip do you like the most? Let us know in the comments. 

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