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Osmose Technology Private Limited Reviews [2023 Updated]

Osmose technology Private Technology was established in 2019 and is headquartered in Pune, India. Apart from providing network applications, mobile applications, web-based applications, websites, technologies, software, the company was engaged in removing the unemployment numbers in India. This was the main motive of Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd.

However, the trust was finally uncovered when the company ran away by making millions of profit in less time and scamming people.  

What is Osmose Technology Private Limited?

Osmose Technology legal documents

Osmose technology is a Pune, Maharashtra-based affiliate program and online shopping program and also income/payout. This firm deals with the highest-rated kid’s products, backpacks, travel bags, and health care goods. 

This eCommerce platform offered services such as eyeglasses, travel bags, gifts for men and women, electronic gadgets, electrical appliances, healthcare products, and much more.

Is Osmose Technology Fake or Real?

Osmose Technology Fake or Real

Osmose technology Pvt Ltd is totally fake. The delivery cost was very high and also no customer support was available at the same time. No contact numbers were provided to the customers to get in touch with the support team.

Moreover, if you cancel the items after ordering from their platform, you don’t get any refunds for the same. Many customers had complained against this company but no legal actions were taken.

Osmose Technology Private Limited Reviews [2023 Updated]

As discussed above, osmose company was a scam, and customer reviews will make your doubts clear regarding the company. All the details about the company that was highlighted on their official website were fake and misleading. 

One disadvantage about this company’s website was that there were no active social media accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram

Social media platforms are very important for businesses and they must have active social accounts in order to track customers’ attention regularly. 

On the other hand, initially, it was an earning platform and this seemed to be an advantage for many individuals but later they regret investing in the same.

The Final Thoughts 

Osmose technology private limited was a scam and people stopped believing in companies like osmose. The managers of the company used to charge high registration fees from those who were new to this company. Hence, this is all about osmose company and the trick by the company owners to fool people.

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