What Is the Most Expensive Phone In The World?

What Is the Most Expensive Phone In The World?

Our society is very tech-oriented, and cellphones are nearly taken for granted everywhere. A few operating specifics apart, it appears that most phones are interchangeable, while others are on an entirely different level.

For the most discriminating tech enthusiasts, these are some of the most expensive cellphones in the world because they combine style and functionality in absolutely unique ways. If you want to know what the most expensive phone in the world is, keep scrolling.

What is the most expensive phone in the world?

For most people, $1,000 or more is a hefty price to pay for a new iPhone. If you think that’s too much, you obviously haven’t met the owners of these costly talking devices.

If you think you know all about iPhones’ prices, you are wrong because they can also cost around $1 million and more. 

1: Vertu Signature Cobra

The Signature Cobra from Vertu, a renowned luxury phone manufacturer that was once a division of Nokia may be their best design yet. The phone was created by French jeweler Boucheron, is only available in eight pieces globally, and was assembled by hand for an added artisanal touch.

The handset’s jewel-encrusted cobra, which wraps around the body and is made of emeralds, diamond, and gold, makes it the most expensive phone in the world. The body is gold-plated.

2: Goldvish Revolution

This costly cell phone in the world was created by the Swedish company goldfish, which is clear just by glancing at it. The phone incorporates different metals such as rose gold, diamond, sapphire, white gold, leather, etc., which contributes to changing the typical phone’s square appearance for one that is more circular.

For added originality, it even features a removable analog watch. There are only 32 pieces in existence, and they will undoubtedly get even rarer over time.

3: Gresso Las Vegas Jackpot

The most expensive phone in the world is a jackpot indeed, made from a mix of black and gold diamonds totaling 45.5 carats. Its back panel is made of a 200-year-old African tree’s wood, and the keys contain 17 manually crafted sapphires.

There were only three of these phones ever produced, and each one has a special number carved on the wood paneling so you can be sure you have a one-of-a-kind item.

4: Goldvish Le Million

Goldvish from Le Million is one of the costliest mobile phones in the world to surpass the $1 million milestone. Le Million was the most exclusive and costly phone in the world when it was first released, earning a spot in the Guinness Book of Records.

Emmanuel Gueit, a jeweler and watchmaker, created the phone. It is crafted with a sapphire case, has 18-karat white gold, and 120 carats of diamonds.

5: Diamond Crypto Smartphone

The Diamond Crypto, which at the time of its debut held the distinction of the most expensive phone in the world, was created by Peter Alisson.

This device is constructed of platinum, has a home button with a rose gold logo on it, and on the side, it has Macassar Ebony wood paneling. The phone’s name is because of its 50 diamond studs, and the encryption technology that it uses to totally protect all of its data.

6: 3G Kings Button

With a whopping price tag of $2.5 million, Apple released the 3G Kings Button cellphone, which ranks so top on our list. The most expensive phone in the world is made of 18-karat gold, and Peter Alisson crafted the most expensive phone in the world with care.

The 6.6-carat diamond that is put in lieu of the device’s original home button is probably one of its costliest characteristics.

7: Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme 

The costly smartphone has several of the same features as many other phones on this list but it outshines them all in one category, which is having more carat valuation.

Two hundred and seventy-one grams of 22-karat gold were used to make the phone, another successful invention by Stuart Hughes.

The iPhone’s bezel has one hundred thirty-six diamonds set, and there are also fifty-three diamonds set in the Apple logo on the back of the device. 

8: Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

There are only two pieces like this in the whole world, and each one is a unique design by Stuart Hughes. The phone is constructed of rose fold and has 53 diamonds on the Apple logo in addition to 500 diamonds totaling 100 carats.

This phone, like the first two, has a diamond in lieu of the home button, but it ups the ante by using a 7.4-carat pink diamond. Like the Goldstriker, it also comes in a granite display box.

9: iPhone 4S Elite Gold

This magnificent phone is handcrafted and uniquely designed, and its edge is encircled with 500 diamonds totaling 100 carats. The Apple logo and the phone’s back panel are both crafted from real 24-carat gold.

A spectacular 8.6-carat diamond serves as the home button in this logo, which also boasts 53 diamonds and goes above and beyond his previous two designs. As a “spare” home button, the phone also has a 7.6-carat diamond!

The box this phone comes in is made of T-Rex bone, and platinum, along with a variety of rare gemstones, which is what sets it apart from the competition.

10: iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

Despite all that has come following, this bespoke iPhone, which was first created in 2004, still reigns supreme as a pretty costly smartphone in the entire world.

In comparison to its rivals, the design is quite straightforward, with a 24-carat golden structure outside that has platinum and rose gold options available. In the center of the phone, there is a sizable pink diamond that is inlaid on the back panel. 


There are many expensive mobile devices present in the world right now and they are here on the list given above.

However, the cost of a few other cell phones is also skyrocketing. In comparison to the most costly, opulent phones in the world with their gold finishes and diamond implants, the majority of us may perceive them to be incredibly pricey.

it proves that a smartphone’s rarity and precious jewels are more important to one of the world’s richest and most powerful billionaires than its features and functionality.

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