Top 10 Trade Jobs for Women

trade jobs for women

You simply need to look at the educational backgrounds of 1,000 service professionals to see that a college degree does not automatically translate into a high-paying position. High school graduation alone isn’t always sufficient, though.

So, what should you do if you want a nice career but don’t want to wind up having to ask customers how they like their steak while utilizing your pricey and hard-earned degree?

The solution could be to pursue a career in the trades and attend trade schools. In fact, there are many trade jobs for women that can help you earn a good salary. Let’s find out.

Top 10 Trade Jobs For Women

You can choose from a variety of excellent courses or an apprenticeship to obtain real-world experience. And although males still hold the majority of crafts occupations, women are no longer consigned to the trade background. Some good trade jobs for women are: 

1: Plumber

The occupation of a plumber might really be one of the greatest trade jobs for women. It’s a lucrative choice, often paying out around $56,330 a year.

Additionally, there are openings in a surprisingly wide range of industries, such as home maintenance, manufacturing, commercial and residential building, and more.

The majority of plumbers begin their careers by either enrolling in trade school or beginning to work as an apprentice. This implies that you may select the strategy that suits you the best.

2: Electrician

You install, operate, and fix electrical power systems as an electrician. In certain circumstances, this could entail managing electrical or lighting tasks within a home. However, there can be openings with nearby utility providers.

There’re only two ways plumbing has become one of the best trade jobs for women. The first is the availability of trade school programs. The second option is to obtain an apprenticeship. Either way, you’ll be positioning yourself for a profession that pays $56,900 annually.

3: Chef

A job as a chef can be a fantastic choice if you have a passion for food. You’ll be spending your time preparing delectable dishes for diners, which may be quite fulfilling. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to express yourself artistically, which may add to the significance of the job.

Although you don’t need to have any official training to become a chef, attending a trade school for culinary arts might offer you an advantage. A variety of culinary and presentation methods will be covered, giving you a solid foundation.

It is one of those trade jobs for women that can accelerate your path to a salary of around $53,380 per year.

4: Carpenter

You might have a significant impact on the construction of new structures as a carpenter. In order to construct, remodel, or maintain houses, companies, and other structures, you’ll use wood and other materials.

Additionally, you may narrow your skill set to maximize your access to possibilities or keep it broad to specialize in everything from finishing to framing.

Carpenters frequently go to trade school, complete apprenticeships, or receive on-the-job training before they graduate. You’ll be on your way to making $49,520 a year as it is one of the best trade jobs for women out there.

5: Dental Hygienist 

One of the most well-paying trade professions for women in Canada is being a dental hygienist. Evaluating the patient’s general oral health, applying fluoride injections and coatings to fortify teeth and stop cavities, and so on are all part of the job description.

You can pursue a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene in Canada, but you can also get an advanced diploma. A dental hygienist’s yearly pay in Canada normally varies from $62,244 to $90,968.

6: Make-Up Artist

Accredited beauty schools offer some of the best trade jobs for women if you want to become a makeup artist. Many trade colleges also offer courses in this field.

There are several employment options available, like starting your own company to help brides look their best on their wedding day or working as a freelancer in Hollywood’s booming film sector. In the US, makeup artists generally earn between $32,663 and $43,875 per year.

7: Game Designers

As more and more women play video games, they want to see more positive representations of them in games, and female game developers can provide that. At one of America’s design, animation, or art colleges, you can pursue a diploma or an associate’s degree to become a game designer.

It’s important to keep in mind that game design studios frequently provide excellent benefits as well. Since it is one of the greatest trade jobs for women, the typical salary for game designers ranges from $61,500 to $93,400.

8: Multimedia Designer

If you are looking for trade jobs for women but would rather do something creative at a desk or even from home, considering the multimedia design is a good option.

Animation, music, and graphic design are all used by multimedia designers to produce everything from advertisements to special effects for films. Through a simple internship or an on-campus course, you can gain your needed experience. Multimedia designers earn between $38,144 and $74,342 per year.

9: HVAC Technician

Installing, maintaining, and fixing heating and cooling systems in homes and other buildings is the responsibility of an HVAC technician. Women who live alone might feel more at ease allowing a female HVAC expert to service their systems inside their homes.

There are several vocational programs that provide HVAC technician training, ranging from certificates to associate’s degrees. HVAC specialists typically earn between $58,500 and $85,000 annually.

10: Automated Service Technician

One of the top trade careers for women is automobile service technician if you have mechanical aptitude. You spend most of your time maintaining or fixing cars, doing things like oil changes, tire balance, tune-ups, and other things.

Salary-wise, it’s standard to make roughly $44,050 a year in this job. You might also be able to take advantage of cheap auto maintenance services, which is a pleasant bonus.

Keep Trading!

There are several advantages and disadvantages to being a woman in a trade. Trade occupations have the advantage of being active, which many individuals who have plenty of energy enjoy.

Additionally, obtaining the necessary training may often be accomplished in a lot less time and for a lot less money than obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. So, if you are a woman looking for a trade job, refer back to this list.

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