Video Conferencing Apps – All You Need To Know

Video Conferencing Apps

With the up-gradation of technology came video conferencing apps. It is of course a vital technology update for the companies especially. Everyday people need to do meetings that are now possible through these video conferencing apps. Let us know what are some good video conferencing apps present across the globe.

What is Video Conferencing Apps?

A technology invented to hold face to face conferences when people are in different locations. This is basically for business or organization or companies to hold day to day meetings with their clients across the globe. One such wonderful conferencing app is Zoom. Many Zoom premium features make it popular worldwide.

History of Video Conferencing Apps

It’s been 150 years now that Video Conferencing has been developed. It has a vast chronology. It has grown up extremely now. Starting from:-

  • 1870-1970:

In 1870, video conferencing was first introduced. It was introduced as an addition to audio devices. Later its developments took place in the 1920s when AT&T company (Bell Labs and John Logie Baird) researched video phones which took place in 1927.

The proper experiment took place in Germany in 1930. In this era phone lines developed which encompassed image phones that would send still photos. 

  • 1970- 1995:

In 1980, video conferencing became more popular with the uprising of computers. In this era, delivering videos and pictures became realistic for personal use too. Later on, came the mobile phone era which gave power to video conferencing. Also, Webcams were introduced in the 1990s especially on university campuses.

The first commercial webcam was Quick Cam which was similar to Mac. Later a version in the PC version was introduced in the same year. Then entered CU-SeeMe video conferencing software. It played a vital role as it assisted usher in the first internet radio stations.

  • 1971-2003:

This is the time where mobiles entered. The developments that took place in this era are that Eyenetwork offering public video conferencing facilities to hire to companies, Panasonic built the world’s first cordless videophone, Microsoft launched NetMeeting, Yahoo and MSN Messenger launched, and many more major developments took place.

  • 2003- Present Day:

Developments like various video conferencing apps have been introduced starting from Skype to Google meet. However, the most popular video conferencing platform was Skype. 

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Benefits of Video Conferencing AppsBenefits of Video Conferencing Apps

  • Better Engaging than Audio Conferencing:

With audio conferences, participants manage to do multitask whereas, in video conferencing, the participants need to maintain virtual eye contact and cannot do multitask which somehow benefits the business. 

  • Productive:

When in a face-to-face meeting it can take up useful hours. However, the video conferencing saves a lot of time as the meeting is held virtually at a specific time. On the other hand, you must also know about exelsys – Powerful HCM Software. 

  • Saves Travel Cost: 

It saves travel time as well as travel costs. In face-to-face meetings, people frequently travel great distances for training, conferences, and business meetings which costs a lot of money. 

  • Enhances Communication:

According to research, humans process observable information promptly and accurately than text and audio. Thus video conferencing can get more information and pay attention to every detail of the meeting.

  • Gives structure for meetings: 

The reason behind this is that people call from different locations and usually the start and ending time of the meeting is already mentioned. Within the given time productive conversation takes place and not sluggish conversations.

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  • Increases Attendance:

While in the face-to-face meetings, it is quite a challenge to organize the occupied schedules and draw staffs for face to face meetings. However, video conferencing is a kind of adjustable allowing to increase attendance rates.

  • Employee Retention:

This video conferencing is reasonably beneficial for employee retention. The reason is that less travel allows an employee to balance their life and can work from home. Employees living in distant areas can be close to the team via video conferencing.

Best Video Conferencing Apps to date

Some of the best meeting apps in today’s time are: 

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Skype
  • Teams
  • Google Hangouts
  • Cisco Webex meetings 

Final Words

Video Conferencing Apps are now an essential element for business. Of course, its benefits are being cited above. Also, if you are interested to know much about the premium features of zoom then you will get all the details in the provided link above. You should try the above-mentioned video conferencing apps. 

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