What Are Some of the Best Jobs for 13 Years Olds?

Best Jobs for 13 Years Olds

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, federal law also limits the number of hours that anybody under the age of 16 can work.

A child under the age of 16 who works for a company that is exclusively owned and run by their parents or “persons standing in place of their parents” is exempt from the FLSA, provided that the company is not engaged in manufacturing or mining, or a dangerous vocation.

The whole family benefits when you have jobs for 13 years old people in your family or the neighborhood.

Best Jobs For 13 Years Old People

Teenagers who have been looking for jobs for 13 years olds are frequently old enough and motivated enough to take part-time jobs.

However, the FLSA’s 14-year-old minimum employment age (for non-agricultural jobs) places 13-year-olds in a special situation. 

1: Babysitter

If you’ve been looking for jobs for 13 years olds, babysitting is a terrific profession. Your 13-year-old can look after any little children you have at home while you’re gone if you have any. Your adolescent can also work as a babysitter for friends’ or neighbors’ kids.

This job develops decision-making, patience, and communication abilities. However, you should only give this job to a 13-year-old if he is good with babies and likes handling them because more than often, kids do not handle things well when someone younger than them throws tantrums.

2: Tutoring

Both online and in-person tutoring is widely available for teenagers looking for jobs for 13 years olds. You can coach younger children who are having difficulty with a specific topic if you are an expert in that field.

This is a fantastic opportunity to earn some additional cash while promoting the success of others. You may accomplish this using instant chatting, email, or video chat.

You must first confirm that you are familiar with the subject matter the student is having trouble with and must be able to communicate ideas clearly and succinctly. Remember that everyone learns at a different speed, so you must have patience.

3: Pet Sitter

Teenagers that are introverted might choose careers in house and pet sitting. Most of the time, house and pet sitters take care of a client’s residence and animals while the client is away. Although they may contribute their abilities year-round, 13-year-olds do this best over the summer.

This employment teaches both practical skills, like caring for pets and indoor plants, and soft skills like time management. However, this can only be one of the best jobs for 13 years olds if they are comfortable around pets.

4: Selling Handicrafts

You must register for an Etsy account in order to begin. You may begin listing goods for sale after creating an account. Ensure that the images of the things you are selling are crystal clear and well-lit.

There can be a maximum of 10 uploaded for each item on Etsy, and you must also write thorough descriptions of the items you’re selling. Make sure to select fair pricing while selling on Etsy.

Make sure you get back the money you spend on supplies, in addition to an hourly rate for producing the goods in these jobs for 13 years olds.

5: Car Washer

Washing vehicles is a fantastic career choice for young teens who have been looking for jobs for 13 years olds who enjoy being outside. Your child may open a car-washing business in a busy neighborhood or go to the houses of regular customers.

They may even clean the inside of automobiles if they have access to a vacuum. The fact that this employment frequently necessitates developing a customer list makes it ideal for the 13-year-old with an entrepreneurial spirit.

6: Modeling

Some jobs for 13 years old people can be a serious career choice if need be. If you feel at ease in front of the camera, you may become a teen model and earn money. The finest part of this work is that teenagers are frequently hired by modeling agencies to market their goods.

You need to be attractive and have a strong sense of style to succeed as a model. Additionally, you must be able to follow instructions well and feel at ease in front of a camera. For this employment, you’ll need your parents’ approval.

7: Junior Camp Counsellor

Before they are mature enough to serve as full counselors, many camps recruit former campers as junior counselors, and it is one of the best jobs for 13 years olds.

This approach provides the camp with additional assistance and a built-in training program for its counselors while also allowing the junior counselor the opportunity to observe how camp counseling is conducted and assist the full counselors.

Working here fosters many essential abilities in a youngster, including resilience, creativity, and communication.

8: Virtual Assistant

Most virtual assistants assist small businesses, bloggers, or influencers that want assistance with social media postings, email correspondence, or graphic design. To become a virtual assistant, you must complete a few steps.

You must first set up a profile on a website for freelance work, on social media, or on your own website. Then, you may advertise your services on social media, by word-of-mouth, or by getting in touch with your favorite bloggers and influencers and asking if they need assistance with any online activities.

9: House Cleaner

For 13-year-olds, cleaning homes is an ideal first job. They can begin by cleaning your home before offering their services to other members of your family, your neighbors, or the local community.

As your 13-year-old may create regular clientele they work for on a weekly or monthly basis, this employment is great for developing a regular schedule. However, you must guide your child through the steps of this job as a parent.

10: Newspaper Deliverer

Your 13-year-old could think about a job delivering newspapers if they wish to work but have a hectic schedule. It is a boring job for some teens, but it is easy and doesn’t take up much time of your daily schedule.

While your adolescent will need to get up early for this work, the afternoons and evenings may be used for other activities because of the job’s predetermined schedule. Working here develops time management and organizing abilities.


For 13-year-olds, there are many jobs accessible at home and in the community that may help them learn important skills and make little money. You may frequently make money while engaging in enjoyable or fascinating activities.

Before starting the job search, it’s important to know where to seek these positions because most of them require some sort of participation in the community, and that can give you a headstart if you’re looking for jobs for 13 years old people.

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