How To Change Settings On Twitter?

How To Change Settings On Twitter?

To help Twitter identify the sort of material you are uploading and to help us help others locate the content, they’re interested in, all Twitter accounts have media settings. But, many people don’t know how to change settings on Twitter. 

This is where we come to the rescue. 

Twitter can identify potentially sensitive details, such as violence or nudity, that other users may not want to see by properly designating your media settings. We kindly request that you change your media settings if you want to consistently submit this type of content.

How To Change Settings On Twitter?

How to change settings on Twitter?

It’s pretty easy. 

Everyone using Android, iOS, and the web now has the opportunity to add one-time sensitive content warnings to the images and videos they tweet.

When modifying a photo or video that you’ve connected to a Tweet, tap or click the flag symbol to add a content warning, your media options allow you to choose how and when you want to see sensitive material.

When you activate this setting, visitors to your profile may get a warning informing them that your account may contain potentially sensitive information and requesting their consent to continue seeing it.

Even without the notice, your account will still be visible to those who have chosen to view potentially sensitive information. 

If you want to know how to change settings on Twitter, follow these steps: 

  • Step 1

Go to and log in to your account.

  • Step 2

Press the “more” button.

  • Step 3

From the drop-down box, choose Settings and privacy.

  • Step 4

Navigate to your security and privacy settings.

  • Step 5

Mark media you Tweet as containing content that may be sensitive by checking the box next to it in the Your Tweets section.

How Does Twitter Settings Impact Sensitive Content?

If one of your Tweets that includes material is flagged as sensitive, Twitter will evaluate it. If it turns out that the media wasn’t identified as possibly sensitive when it was uploaded, it will have the following consequences.

  • In the event of live video, the content may be completely removed or marked as potentially sensitive.
  • In order for future posts to be marked appropriately, we may also update your account settings to Mark media you Tweet as containing content that may be sensitive. 
  • Although you can modify your media preferences on the account settings page, this picture and any others that have been flagged as potentially sensitive will still be there.

If you often upload media with incorrect metadata, we might:

  • Indicate on your media that it may contain sensitive material.
  • Make a permanent change to your account settings to Mark Tweeted media as containing content that may be sensitive so that subsequent postings include a warning message that viewers must click through to access your media.

Twitter may also employ automated methods to identify and tag potentially sensitive content as well as to identify and tag accounts that often tweet such content.

How Will You Know If You’ve Violated Twitter Rules?

If you are not aware of how to change settings on Twitter and publish adult content to the public, you are in violation of Twitter Rules.

Twitter may temporarily suspend your account and delete any information that is in violation of the Twitter Rules in your profile or header image. A permanent suspension will be imposed for persistent offenses.

Additionally, if any of the media on your profile violates Twitter’s media guidelines, your account can be locked.

You must go by Twitter’s instructions and get rid of the offending media in order for them to unlock your account. For further details, if your account has been locked, you can also check this article and find out how to change settings on Twitter for future use.

Logging into your account and submitting an appeal here are the only options available to you if you are banned for having gratuitous violence or adult material in your profile image or header image.

The decision by Twitter to permanently modify your account option to Mark media you Tweet as possibly having sensitive content in response to persistently mislabeling sensitive information cannot presently be appealed.

Benefits Of Changing Privacy Settings On Twitter

Since you know how to change settings on Twitter, you’ll explore its great deal of benefits. You can control which tweets may be read and will be given through personal authorization. Even if a person retweets sensitive information, Twitter still censors it. 

On iOS devices, the warning may be disabled without making the account private. You may also achieve this by turning off the tweets’ sensitive content alert. The warning mark is designed for potentially sensitive content like violence and nudity, according to Twitter.

When compared to other social media platforms like Facebook, it is seen as a more open platform.

As a result, the sensitive material warning that is offered to users in the same place is disabled by Twitter privacy settings. However, the Twitter, iPhone, and iPad applications will display sensitive material without any notification if a user modifies the settings on the web.

There may be a lot of interaction on the network known as Twitter. It is a forum where a range of subjects, from important to banal, are covered. The tweets are entirely accessible to anyone having a Twitter username.

If a person wants to make more adjustments to the privacy settings, followers may view their timeline. The term “protected tweets” refers to this specific functionality.

Signing Off

If you already know how to change settings on Twitter, there are many other things to explore here. A wonderful approach to “join the conversation” is on Twitter. 

You may tweet your opinions on subjects ranging from the important to the banal as a member of the worldwide Twitter community. Since every tweet is public by default, anybody with a Twitter account may view everything you publish. 

You may modify your Twitter settings to only let those who follow you see what you post if you prefer greater privacy; this feature is known as Protected Tweets. You have a great deal of control over who can see your tweets since you get to approve followers directly.

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