How To Stay Safe On Social Media? – A Detailed Guide

How To Stay Safe On Social Media?

On social media, like in any group environment, you’ll discover people of all stripes, from friends to trolls to crooks. We return because of good ties, yet it is immoral to downplay or dismiss wrongdoers.

You may socialize securely and protect the privacy of your personal information by being vigilant and implementing a few wise habits. This is why we are here to discuss with you a few simple steps of ‘how to stay safe on social media.’

How To Stay Safe On Social Media?

Most individuals use social media to have fun and remain in touch with pals. However, some people don’t adhere to the norms and use them as a means of hurting or offending others. Do everything you can to keep safe, but try not to let these users ruin your experience.

So, how to stay safe on social media? Let’s find out.

1: Apply Privacy Settings

How to stay safe on social media? You won’t have to ask this question if you just set your profile settings to private and don’t let random people see what you do on your account. Consider carefully who you want to view the things you share online.

Think about making friends/followers the only setting for your profiles because this will give you an edge in ditching the hackers from keeping your profile on the radar.

2: Think Before Posting

You must accept that everything you write online is never truly private and can be shared, even if you have strict privacy settings in place.

It is crucial that you constantly consider your posts before publishing them. This is one of the biggest lessons in How to stay safe on social media guidelines. 

3: Recognize Scammers

On social media, not everyone is who they claim to be. Adults and children who pose as someone else and hurt you are a possibility. For instance, they can try to convince you into divulging sensitive information that they can use against you.

It’s crucial to never meet up with strangers and to always inform an adult of your whereabouts and any planned encounters. There have been instances where adults who are deceived into meeting youngsters injure the kids as a result.

4: Clear Your Contact List

A buddy you make online doesn’t have to remain your friend forever. Review and purge your contacts frequently, paying special attention to anyone who shares unfavorable information or lowers your self-esteem.

It’s not worth it, and it is one of the best lessons on how to stay safe on social media we can share today. 

5: Block The Disturbances 

You may prevent users from accessing your account on all social media platforms, and that’s an important step in ‘how to stay safe on social media.’ They won’t be informed, and it’s temporary.

You could also be able to block someone permanently from the site so they won’t be aware that they are no longer able to view your postings. However, a certain number of people have to block the profile to accomplish this.

6: Don’t Share Your Personal Info

Never disclose your phone number, address, bank account information, or any other information that can give away your personal passwords on social media.

The information you provide can be pieced together by skilled password hackers or phishing websites, who can then access your account or use it to open a new one using your identity.

Make sure passwords are secure, update them frequently, and maintain their privacy at all times.

7: Don’t Share Anything Risky

Having a highly private photograph or video shared with others is one of the most difficult experiences you can go through. Before disclosing anything private or sensitive, give it a lot of thought because there are no assurances that it won’t end up in the wrong hands.

People who genuinely care about you will accept your decision to withhold private information, so if you want to know how to stay safe on social media, follow this step.

8: Make Known People Aware Of Your Online Activities

Nobody will ever value your privacy as highly as you do. Make sure your friends and family are aware of your options for sharing information you consider to be private or for uploading photos or marking your location.

If they truly care about you, they will respect your choice. It goes both ways, so be mindful of how you treat other people’s privacy because everyone wants to know how to stay safe on social media.

9: Avoid Suspicious Messages

Email phishing is a serious issue. You shouldn’t believe messages that include a shortened URL and a phrase like “OMG, look at this photo of you” or “Have you seen what they are saying about you?” These are false messages that aim to convince you to log in by posing as a reputable company like Facebook.

Only join a website through their official page or app since scammers may seem extremely convincing and even gain access to your personal profile information.

Check the email address and run it via a search engine if something seems fishy. Online, malicious senders are frequently identified and exposed!

10: Use Strong Passwords

Avoid saving passwords in your browser because if your phone or laptop is stolen, they might give thieves access to your email, social media accounts, and shopping sites, all of which likely include a wealth of personal information that identity thieves could exploit.

You can also password-protect your PC as an option. If there’s a chance you’ve been the victim of a data breach or if you find that your personal information is available on the dark web, change your social media passwords right once. Make sure your passwords are strong and unique for each social media site.


You should make careful decisions to protect your children on social networks if and when they use social media.

They may be targeted by criminals, and if their privacy and security settings aren’t tightened, their safety and personal data may be in danger.

We’re sure you’ve learned enough about safeguarding your child on social media here or how to stay safe on social media yourself.

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